In Bozeman, and most of Montana, we are in bear country. Meaning that where we live, there are bears. Use these resources below to learn how to manage the risk of a bear encounter. If you would like to learn more, make sure to check out our bear safety clinics, held most weeks during the fall semester at the MSU Outdoor Rec Center.  

Bear Clinic Schedule 

Some ways to easily prevent a bear encounter is: 

  1. To travel in groups of 3 or more.  
  1. Make lots of noise (bears have the same hearing capabilities as humans, so if you can’t hear your group coming neither can the bear). 
  1. Always carry bear spray, read the directions on the bottle, carry it so that it is quickly accessible to you and check the expiration date.  

Montana Fish, Wildlife, Parks-  A great resource for general information on recreation in bear country; contains resources for traveling in bear country as a camper, hiker, angler, mountain biker, and farmer  

Bear Safety and Food Storage - Storing your food properly is one of the most important ways to prevent bear encounters. This resource shows some common ways to store food that are appropriate and effective. Always check the regulations for the area before you go! 

 Bear Spray and Bear Education Training in 360 - This video is brought to you by the USDA forest Service and suggested to the MSU ORP by a bear specialist for our bear clinics. This resource includes loads of information on bear behavior and the appropriate human behavior if you were to encounter a bear. It is a 12-minute-long video with interactive information on bear encounters. Remember that there are ways to prevent bear encounters and this information is only to be used in the circumstance of encountering a bear.  

Biking and Trail Running- The reason there are specific resources for bikers and trail runners is because they are quick moving, generally quiet activities. Check out this website to see what you can do to prevent bear encounters.