I.    Welcome and Announcements

II.   Approval of Minutes from September 23, 2015

III.  Information/Updates

A.  Strategic Plan Year 3 Progress Report

IV.   Discussion:

A.  New Budget Model – Terry Leist and Kathy Attebury

B.  Metric deep dive

1.  L.1.2 – Core learning assessment – guided by Ron Larsen

      • Core update recommendations and process
      • Core measurement/assessment methods and process
      • Where is each core area on the path?
      • What defines mastery in this context?
      • What to do about excluded students (test or transfer credits)?

2.  L.3.2 – Graduate school enrollment of BA/BS recipients – guided by Chris Fastnow

      • Alternative target? How was target established?
      • Data source and potential alternatives
      • Peer comps

3.  D.1.3 – Carnegie metrics – Guided by Ian Godwin

      • Which peers moved ahead?
      • Doctoral conferral details
      • Grant pipeline data – submissions, awards, expenditures

C.  Discussion guides for next month (Access)

V.    Other Business

Next Meeting: TBD please bring your calendars to discuss


Download a copy of this agenda.