The Planning Council is responsible for promoting an alignment between the institution’s strategic plan and resource development and allocation.  The Council defines the institutional criteria and procedures necessary to prioritize existing and proposed programs to be in alignment with MSU’s Strategic Plan.  In its advisory role to the President, the Council provides evidence-based input linking strategic planning with strategic execution, and facilitates the continuous evolution of the Strategic Plan itself.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Assess and confirm the link between the priorities in the Plan and the allocation of campus resources.
  • Regularly review new opportunities and environmental factors to assess and update the Plan.
  • Maintain a five year horizon on the Plan.
  • Establish measures to track progress on elements of the Plan.
  • Provide updates to the President and other Councils on progress toward Plan goals.
  • Develop a communication plan; be an advocate and champion for the Plan.
  • Review other unit level plans to ensure alignment with the Plan.
  • Review the MUS Plan and realign the MSU Plan when necessary.
  • Make recommendations to the BOR when necessary and appropriate.