Enhance the research enterprise at MSU and provide guidance and recommendations for strategic investments to facilitate discovery on the MSU campus.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Recommend approaches for enhancing research infrastructure.
  • Recommend approaches for enhancing interdisciplinary research .
  • Enhance research and creative activities across all disciplines of the university.
  • Address broader impacts of social and ethical implications of research.
  • Strengthen the integration of and the impact of research on the learning experience of our students.
  • Identify approaches for enhancing and expanding MSU’s graduate program.
  • Identify approaches for enhancing undergraduate engagement in research.
  • Identify processes for enhancing the communication of discovery within and outside MSU, including ways to celebrate research.
  • Identify goals and metrics for increased competitiveness and overall success of the research enterprise.


VP for Research, Chair  
*One Dean  
*One Department Head  
*Two Center Directors  
*Seven Faculty [One Representative from each College]
*One Faculty Senate  
*One Professional Staff  
One Community Member [President's Advisory Council]
Provost [Non-Voting]
VP for Student Success [Non-Voting]
Vice Provost Graduate Education [Non-Voting]


* This is an elected, two-year term.