Name Position Represents
Carter, Jason Chair VP for Research, Economic Development and Graduate Education
Austin, Eric  Member Faculty Senate
Brody, Michael  Member Faculty Senate
Childs, Nicholas Member MSU All-Staff Council
Cloninger, Mary Member Faculty, College of Letters & Science
Gerlach, Robin Member Center Director
Hilmer, Jonathan Non-Voting  University Information Technology
June, Ron Member Engineering Faculty
Kearns, Chris Non-Voting VP for Student Success
Leist, Terry Non-voting VP for Admin and Finance
Miles, Mary Member EHHD Faculty
Mokwa, Robert Non-Voting VP for Academic Affairs & Provost
Morrow, Jayne Non-Voting Assistant VP, REDGE
Ogilvie, Craig Non-Voting Dean of the Graduate School & Associate VP of Research
Peyton, Brent Member Center Director
Schmidt, Leslie Non-Voting Associate VP, REDGE
Shannon, Sarah Member Nursing Faculty and Dean
Shaw, Colin Member Undergraduate Research
Sobeck, Durward Non-Voting Professor and Program Coordinator of Industrial & Management Systems Engineering
Tuss, Nikki Member Professional, Mil Tech
Wiedenheft, Blake Member Faculty Senate
Yeoman, Carl Member Faculty, College of Agriculture
[To be filled] Member Community Member

Updated Jan. 5, 2021