I.    Welcome and announcements

II.   Approval of minutes from October 28, 2015

III.  Information/Updates

IV.  Discussion:

A.  Metric deep dive

1.  A.1.2 – transfer enrollments – guided by Chris Fastnow and Ronda Russell

      • Where do transfers come from, MUS and non?
      • Articulation agreements, esp w tribal colleges
      • Details on credit acceptance – elective, core, major, LD vs UD
      • Which programs receive majors?
      • Recruitment strategies
      • What do transfers out look like? Full or part time students?

2.  A.1.6 - % of need met – guided by Chris Fastnow and Brandi Payne

      • Need-based aid data - # students, define need, who/how many file FAFSA?
      • Scholarships on campus that include need indicators
      • What counts as need-based aid?

3.  S.1.2 – salaries – guided by Becca Belou

      • Why not 100%
      • Info re: comp data - positions included, peer sets
      • Retention of fac and admin

B.  Discussion guides for next meeting (Retention and Grad metrics, Diversity metrics)

V.   Other business

Next Meeting January 27, 1-3 pm PCR (skip December’s meeting)


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