I.      Welcome and announcements

II.    Remarks from President Cruzado

III.  Approval of 9/23 minutes

IV.  Discussion

A.   Review remaining timeline change proposals

1.     Grad program reviews (1.2.4) – Craig Ogilvie

2.     Grand Challenge metrics (2.1.2) – Jason Carter

3.     External partnerships (3.2.2 and 3.2.3) – TBD

B.    Approve or amend proposals on last month’s actions with near-term timelines

1.     Interdisciplinary Scholarship (2.2.4)

2.     Diversity and Inclusion (3.3.5)

3.     Sustainability (3.3.6)

C.    Mid-cycle accreditation visit/Intentional Focus Strategy Effectiveness Team (IFSET) reports – Tami Eitle

D.   Report on Goal 3.3 – Ian Godwin

E.    Fall Institutional Report (if time)

V.    Other business

VI.  Public comment

Next meeting:  November 18, 2:00-3:00 p.m., via WebEx


Download a PDF copy of this agenda.