MSU/MAES departments and divisions periodically receive requests for permission from University and non-university entities to mount various types of antennas, cameras, GPS devices, other electronic or telecommunication devices and apparatus, and ancillary structures on University facilities or land.


MSU recognizes that the aesthetic appearance of the campus, its grounds and buildings, significantly impacts the institution's ability to recruit and retain both quality faculty and students.


MSU/MAES is committed to developing and maintaining a high quality, user accessible, user affordable, centralized on-campus data and telecommunications system, while recognizing the need to maintain the aesthetic appeal of the campus.


The facilities and lands of the University are institutional assets and requests for the right to site telecommunications antenna and apparatus, or other similar equipment on any University facility or property is a decision that shall be made by the administration of the institution and not by individual colleges, departments or building supervisors. Likewise, any value that may be gained by the University through contracts with licensees shall be University resources that will be allocated as directed by the President’s Executive Council [PEC]. It is recognized that the colleges, departments or facilities that are impacted by the siting of the equipment should be considered in determining the appropriate allocation of these University resources.

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