Any entity desiring to install telecommunications antenna and/or apparatus on a University facility or land shall present a formal proposal for each installation to CPDC, in accordance with requirements set forth in this policy and must outline how it will comply with the provisions of site license template used by the university and attached hereto as Exhibit A (Wireless Telecommunications Antenna and Apparatus Site License). Application form must be submitted, Exhibits B (Commercial Non-University Application for Telecommunications  Antenna and Apparatus Siting) or Exhibit C (On-Campus User Application for Telecommunications  Antenna and Apparatus Siting).


CPDC will organize the application, review and conduct approval processes with input from TAC, through UFPB and shall act as an advisor to the President, and will be the central repository for all agreements resulting from the execution of this policy.


Each applicant must address the risk of interference with existing equipment of the university and other existing users.

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