Aesthetic: Since the aesthetic appearance of the campus, its grounds and buildings, significantly influences the institution's ability to recruit and retain both quality faculty and students, all proposed installations shall be evaluated with respect to their site location and their potential aesthetic impacts to the surrounding campus environment. This evaluation will be conducted by CPDC and reported to UFPB during the review process.


Technical: MSU/MAES maintains crucial data and telecommunications assets that support substantial investments in institutional, academic, research and student activities. All proposed installations shall be evaluated with respect to potential interference with existing and possible future data and telecommunications operations. This evaluation will be conducted by TAC and reported to UFPB during the review process. The technical evaluation shall address any potential impact on or potential for interference with facilities such as MontanaPBS-KUSM-TV, the university data and telecommunications systems managed by ITC, KGLT-FM Radio, and other users such as MSU's campus 2-way radio system, Montana Highway Patrol's Dispatch Radio, Bozeman Police Department, Bozeman Fire Department, and other existing licensees. Proposed installations which could effectively duplicate existing university services shall be evaluated by MontanaPBS-KUSM and ITC and comments or recommendations forwarded to UFPB for consideration. On-campus users and existing licensees will be given priority over non-university entities.


Legal: Prior to recommending approval to the President, University Legal Counsel will evaluate requests to assure they are consistent with University purchasing regulations, the non-competition policy, and any other pertinent policies. An agreement is required to execute a proposed installation. University Legal Counsel will negotiate on behalf of the University a proposed contract for consideration by the President using the License template attached as Exhibit A.


Philosophical: UFPB will evaluate proposed installations with respect to aesthetic, technical, legal and institutional parameters, and in accordance with emerging institutional philosophies such as preferred use, benefit analysis, compensation, etc.

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