Subject:  Information Technology

Revised:  November 7, 2012

Effective:  November 7, 2012

Review Date:  November 2015

Responsible Party:  Enterprise Chief Information Officer



100.00 Introduction

The University must exercise due diligence in managing technology to preserve and protect the information and computing resources and infrastructure.

200.00 Policy

200.10 Board of Regents policies governing the use of university information technology apply to all University faculty, staff, students, and patrons. All users of University information technology must comply with MSU Enterprise policies as well as Board of Regents policies, state and federal law. References to associated policies and laws are provided in section 400.00.

200.20 Individuals and IT units who develop, manage, or administer University information technology shall adhere to campus standards and procedures.

200.30 All devices connected to the University network shall be managed and maintained according to campus standards and procedures.

200.40 All systems shall be configured with password requirements and controls that meet or exceed defined campus standards.

200.50 All password authentication and authorization services shall be run by Central IT.

200.60 All enterprise network services shall be run by Central IT.

200.70 Campus IT authorities may disconnect or disable any programs or systems that are not in compliance and/or that are interfering with the operation of the network or otherwise compromising the integrity of the University information technology infrastructure.

200.80 Central IT departments shall provide support and collaboration to IT units in determining and advising appropriate application of or exception to the standards.

300.00 Procedures

Individual campuses maintain campus-specific standards and procedures that implement this policy. Campus-specific standards and procedures are currently under development; when published, the links to those pages will be provided here. Constituents will be required to comply with any standards and procedures developed for their campus:

* MSU agencies follow MSU-Bozeman campus procedures

400.00 References

No specific references exist for this policy. References to best practices or industry recommendations may be available in campus-specific standards and procedures.

500.00 Definitions

“Campus IT authority” refers to the Chief Information Officer of any of the four MSU campuses or his/her delegate.

“Central IT department” refers to the centrally-funded IT unit on each campus that serves campus-wide IT needs and/or University IT infrastructure.

“Enterprise” refers to all Universities, colleges, and agencies of Montana State University.

“Enterprise Chief Information Officer” refers to the top level information technology leadership role based on the Bozeman campus whose responsibilities include information technology leadership of the four MSU campuses.

“Information Technology” or “IT” refers to any resource related to the access and use of digitized information, including but not limited to hardware, software, devices, appliances, network bandwidth and resources.

“IT unit” refers to any group or individual that provides distributed IT services, support, or infrastructure, including academic and research IT support groups.

“University” refers to any and all campuses, agencies, departments, or entities within the Montana State University enterprise.