This agreement is made between ____________________________________

of ____________________________________, Montana, (referred to as "USER") and Montana State University (referred to as "MSU"), concerning the use of the following MSU facilities on the dates and times specified below:

Facilities:_________________________________________________________ Dates and Times:____________________________________________________

The "USER" agrees to comply with the following terms and conditions:

The USER will pay the amount of $____________ as rent for the use of the facilities.

Payment will be made as follows:

1.The USER will reimburse the University for any and all damages caused to the facilities and/or the equipment therein. The USER will submit a damage deposit in the amount of $_____________. The damage deposit will be returned to the USER if there are no damages to the facilities or equipment.

2.The USER assumes all responsibility and liability for the requested use and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold Montana State University harmless from any and all loss, damage or injury to any person or property arising from use of the facilities.

3.The USER agrees to obtain, at its own expense, public liability insurance in the sum of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) and property damage insurance in the amount of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000). The USER will provide the University with proof of such insurance at the time of entering into this agreement, and will ensure that MSU is named as an additional insured.

4.The USER agrees to reimburse the university for any damage, clean-up or hazardous waste related expenses, including disposal, shipping, damages, and or penalties imposed as a result of its use.

5.The parties agree that the USER, its agents and employees are not agents or employees of Montana State University. The USER will be solely responsible and will assume full responsibility for the actions and omissions of its agents and employees when using MSU equipment. As an independent contractor, USER is solely responsible for worker's compensation coverage of its employees.

6The USER will be solely responsible to provide adequate supervision of the activities conducted in University facilities.

7.The USER will comply with all applicable state laws and University regulations.



USER SignatureDate ______________________________________


MSU Representative SignatureDate


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