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1.        Describe what you are filming.  If you are filming an ad, list the name of the company, the product being advertised, when and where the ad will be showing.


2.        Space requested for filming:


3.        Equipment & props to be used in filming:


4.        Number of people involved:


5.        Will equipment be carried from the nearest legal parking area, or will access be required to drive to the filming site?


6.        Parking needs:


7.        Loading & unloading needs:


8.        Dates & times requested at each venue:


9.        Total time requested for venue rental including set-up and tear-down:


10.     Actual time of filming:


11.     Will filming, load-in, or load-out block any access to sidewalks, driveways, streets or buildings?  If so, please specify the activities and times involved.


12.     If a building is to be used in the filming, will there be any disruption of the regular activity occurring in and around the building?  If so, please describe in detail.


13.     Will there be any special requirements needed for production such as snow making, electrical needs, etc.?  If yes, please describe in detail.


14.     Will the production make noise?  If so, please describe.


15.     Will outside noises affect filming?  If so, please describe.


16.     Please list any special needs required for production such as a utility locator, assistance with load-in and/or load-out, staging areas, water, lighting, sprinkler systems on/off, etc.


17.     Please describe any other unique or specific requirements of the filming which may not have been mentioned previously.