Subject:Performance Evaluation

Policy: Performance Evaluation

Effective Date: March 12, 2007

Revised:March 2008

Review Date:March 2011

Responsible Party:HR/AA and HR/PPS

100.00       Introduction and Purpose
MSU encourages regular feedback and evaluation of employee performance throughout the year.  An annual evaluation of performance is required for classified employees and contract professional employees each year.   The formal annual evaluation will identify job responsibilities and performance objectives and measure actual performance against identified job duties and expectations.

200.00       Faculty 
The faculty collective bargaining agreements specify the policies and procedures for annual review of tenurable and non-tenurable faculty.  [Revised April 2012].
300.00       Classified Employees
Each employee will have his or her performance evaluated by his or her immediate supervisor and/or department head and submitted to HR/P&PS no later than April 15 of each year. Annual salary increases will be subject to applicable collective bargaining agreements and the MUS classified pay plan. Evaluation forms for classified employees may be found at: .
400.00       Contract Professional Employees
For the purpose of this policy, a contract professional employee is an employee who has been issued an MUS contract or letter of appointment.  Each contract professional employee whose appointment is at least .5 FTE will have his or her performance evaluated and submitted to HR/AA no later than April 15 of each year. Guidelines for across the board/merit salary increases for professionals will be provided each year.  An annual performance evaluation is required before an across the board/merit increase may be authorized.  Evaluation forms for Non-Academic Professionals, and Administrators may be found at: .

500.00       Procedures
To assist supervisors in conducting performance evaluations, guidelines and approved forms are provided in the Performance Evaluation Guidelines. Supervisors may use the approved forms or may submit alternative forms to HR/AA or HR/PPS for approval prior to use.  After the performance evaluation is completed, the form will be signed by the supervisor and employee.  The original will be filed in the department with a copy for the employee and a copy sent to Human Resources/Personnel and Payroll Services for inclusion in the employee's personnel file.

600.00       Employee Request for Evaluation
Any employee who does not receive a performance evaluation by the deadline referenced in this policy may submit a written request for performance evaluation to his or her supervisor with a copy to the supervisor’s supervisor.  The Supervisor will have 30 days in which to complete the evaluation and submit to HR/Personnel and Payroll.

700.00       Employee Request for Review of Evaluation
An employee who disagrees with the evaluation of his or her supervisor may submit a written request for review by the supervisor’s supervisor.  The written request must outline the specific areas of disagreement and the reasons the employee disagrees with the supervisor’s evaluation.  The decision of the supervisor’s supervisor will be the final decision on the evaluation.  The employee’s written disagreement will be included with a copy of the final performance evaluation and placed in the employee’s personnel file.