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  • 1310.00   Encumbrances Account Statement
  • 1320.00   Purchase Accumulation Exceeding $25,000
  • 1330.00   Rent or Lease of Equipment
  • 1340.00   Office Supplies

1310.00 Encumbrances - Banner Finance Report

When the monthly Finance Report is completed, Departments are responsible for reconciling the outstanding balances on Purchase Orders.  These items should be listed on the Banner Finance Reports. For accounts using OSP funds, Departments are responsible for contacting their fiscal office in Sponsored Programs.

1320.00 Purchase Accumulation Exceeds $25,000

The accumulation of purchases from any given supplier with a cumulative value in excess of $25,000 is acceptable; however, the total contract value of each individual purchase shall not exceed the Department's delegation authority. Departments are NOT allowed to artificially divide requirements so they can circumvent purchasing regulations.

1330.00 Rent or Lease of Equipment

Departments are authorized to rent or lease equipment with a total contract value up to $25,000 in accordance with the procedures established in this manual. In the event the total contract value is over $25,000, Departments must prepare a Purchase Requisition and submit the PD-1 to Procurement & Contract Services.

1340.00 Office Supplies

The SPB has negotiated contracts for office supplies with very favorable pricing for all state agencies. Departments are strongly encouraged to purchase office supplies from the eMarket using the online eMACS system. Since most office supplies fall within the small purchase threshold (total contract value of $10,000.00 or less), departments are authorized to purchase office supplies independently without Procurement & Contract Services involvement.


Table of Contents