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  • 1600.00   Trade-In of Equipment

1600.00 Trade-In of Equipment
Provide the following information to Procurement & Contract Services and Property Management:

1. All sales, transfers, or disposal of University/State owned property must
be handled by the MSU-Bozeman Property Management office.

2. Departments must complete the PARR form and obtain approval from MSU Property Management PRIOR to sale, transfer or disposal. If the Department plans to trade-in the equipment to purchase replacement equipment, the Department must obtain approval from MSU-Bozeman Property Management prior to purchase. If the purchase price of the new equipment exceeds the Department's delegated purchasing authority, the Department shall submit the PARR with the Purchase Requisition to Procurement & Contract Services.

3. Instructions for completing the PARR: Describe the trade-in equipment in detail, providing the age of the item, the manufacturer's name, the model number, the serial number, the MSU-Bozeman Property Management number, and the operating condition. Provide the name and telephone number of the person that bidders should contact for appointment to inspect the equipment.
4. Departments shall contact MSU-Bozeman Property Management if the equipment is to be transferred to another department instead of used as a trade-in.

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