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  • 700.00     Exceptions to Competitive Procedures

700.00     Exceptions to Competitive Procedures

The following items are exempt from competitive procedures and do not require a Sole Source Justification (PD-14) nor further approval by the Montana SPB:

  • Salaries
  • Retirement and social security payments
  • Travel and per diem
  • Freight
  • Landfill charges
  • Training
  • Training and conference space rental and catering
  • Pastoral services
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Supplies or services whose prices are regulated by the public service commission or other governmental authority
  • Fees for professions exempted by 18-4-132, MCA
  • Professional licenses
  • Dues to associations
  • Renewal of software license agreements
  • Purchase or renewal of maintenance agreements for software and hardware
  • Services exempted by section 18-4-132, Montana Code Annotated
  • Advertising placed in publications or on radio, television, or other electronic means
  • Purchasing of specific brand name items for resale to the public
  • Subscriptions, publications, and textbooks only available from a single supplier (i.e., published videos, movies and recordings)
  • Subcontractors associated with specific research grant program, if the subcontractors are specifically named in the grant.

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