Volunteer Identification and Agreement


Name: _________________________________________________________________           


Address: ________________________________________________________________           

Phone Number:           _____________________            Date of Birth: __________________


Emergency Contact:   _____________________            Phone Number: ________________


MSU Department:    ______________________

Supervisor’s Name:  ______________________            Phone Number: _________________


Volunteer Dates: Start: ____________________            End: __________________________

(May not exceed one year)


Description of Volunteer Duties: _______________________________________________




Thank you for volunteering at Montana State University (MSU).


Please affirm your acceptance of the following terms with your signature below.


            1 )        I agree that my participation in the activities outlined in the Description of Volunteer Duties is wholly voluntary and without salary or other valuable consideration.  And, I acknowledge that I am not an employee of MSU and that it has the right to terminate my assignment as a volunteer without cause or notice.


            2 )        I understand that MSU is not responsible for any accident or medical expenses incurred by me. Further, I understand that I am neither covered by Workers' Compensation nor entitled to employee benefits as a result of my volunteer affiliation.


            3 )        I am aware of the terms and conditions of this agreement and am signing this agreement of my own free will.


University Volunteer's Signature _________________________Date_______________


Parent Signature (if under 18)     _________________________Date_______________


Provide one copy of this agreement to the university volunteer.

Retain this agreement for three years from university volunteer separation.