Camie Bechtold began her tenure at Montana State University in March 2005 and currently serves as senior associate director of Athletics, Compliance and Student Services, along with the title of senior woman administrator. In her role, Bechtold oversees all student services which encompass academics, financial aid and compliance. With over 10 years of experience at MSU, Bechtold holds many responsibilities within the Bobcat athletic department. She serves as the chief compliance officer, a member of the athletics senior managment staff and direct supervisor of volleyball and women's basketball, to name just a few of her many roles. She is also an advocate for women at MSU - serving as the first staff member co-chair of the PCOSUW. During her tenure as co-chair of the committee, she personally drove the effort to change policies that penalized students for missing common hour exams because of family responsibilities. She also was instrumental in developing a new five-year strategic plan for the committee.

Camie Bechtold works hard to improve the lives of student athletes and women in particular.

Camie Bechtold

Photo: MSU Athletics