Joan Broderick is a professor of chemistry and was the first Women in Science Distinguished Professor. Her contributions to science – effectively providing a window into a biological world without oxygen gas – are groundbreaking. In her internationally recognized research program, she is a talented problem-solver who is known for her technical expertise and deep analysis of important problems in enzymology. Since her experiments are extremely difficult to perform and usually require pure protein and oxygen-free conditions, her research group serves as an outstanding training ground for the large group of graduate and undergraduate students to whom she serves as a mentor. In the classroom, Broderick is a gifted and versatile teacher who teaches honors general chemistry I and II with great success to first year undergraduate students. Her students note that she is patient and kind, going out of her way to help them succeed. She also serves as a mentor for assistant professors, especially women, in chemistry and biochemistry.

Joan Broderick’s successful career has always been a great source of inspiration to me. This, as well as her constant encouragement, has led me to pursue a career in chemistry at a professional level. Something I did not anticipate when first starting out at MSU.

Joan Broderick

Photo: MSU Communications