In 1929, Berth Clow came to Montana State University to teach courses in food and nutrition. Trained at the Mayo Clinic, she was an innovative and stimulating teacher until her retirement in 1970 after 41 years at MSU. During this time, she was head of the department twice and was active in Peace Corps and foreign student activities. She was an international traveler, having visited 100 countries, and taught a course in world nutrition problems. While in Mexico, she examined the food conditions in that country and shared those experience with her students and colleagues. She was well known as a photographer, and by 1975, she had given more than 400 presentations and showed 6,000 slides to friends, students and organizations. Many remember being invited to her home for her slide presentations where she served chokecherry juice or homemade tomato juice. After retirement, she put her nutrition skills to work consulting with nursing homes on their menus and  training Peace Corps workers in nutrition.

World traveler, administrative innovator and educator both in the classroom and out, Bertha Clow is known for her concern about proper nutrition, domestically and internationally, and her portrayal of these issues through her photography.

Berth Clow

MSU HIstoric Photo Collection: parc-002141