Sarah Codd sets a tremendous example by working hard, enjoying the work she does and getting out to do the other activities she loves. Codd has the ability to present complex information in a clear way. She brings out the best in students, for instance, by encouraging them to apply for fellowships and helps them through the application process to successful placement. Codd also continually looks for ways to make the College of Engineering and the university better. Because of encouraging professionals like Codd, the engineering field has changed and is becoming more hospitable for women. With a long list of awards and recognitions, including a prestigious NSF Career Award in 2007, becoming a Women in Science Distinguished Professor in 2014 and receiving national recognition as an inspiring woman in STEM in 2015, Codd is a successful researcher and engineer who is passionate about helping her students succeed in their engineering degrees and future careers.

Dr. Codd has been a mentor both professionally and personally and has supported me in both capacities. I know that I am not the only student that she has gone above and beyond for, and I am so grateful that she has been there for all of us.

Sarah Codd

Photo: MSU Communications