For the last 2 1/2 decades, Betsy Danforth has been a tireless advocate for the advancement of women and gender equity on campus through her work as director of the Montana State University Women’s Center. She empowers hundreds of women to achieve success, offering critical support and advocating for more inclusive and supportive policies.  In addition, her leadership has inspired students and staff members to engage as allies for social justice. She has offered countless hours of educational seminars highlighting gender equity to the campus community. Her impact extends beyond the Women’s Center into her leadership with the Presidents Commission on the Status of University Women and campus/community-based task forces promoting greater gender equity.  Her leadership also helped establish the VOICE Center, which created a confidential space for survivors of interpersonal violence to receive support at MSU. Danforth’s legacy will continue to reverberate across MSU as the stories of those who have been empowered and found inspiration through her leadership continue to be shared.

Betsy Danforth represents the absolute best qualities in a leader at MSU, and she is certainly among the most distinguished women in our 125-year history.

Betsy Danforth

Photo: MSU Communications