In Diane Donnelly’s years at Montana State University, she has helped countless students discover their interests and create promising futures. With a sound understanding of both student development and the critical role that academic advising plays in student success, Donnelly has championed student-centered, holistic advising for every student. Her work and leadership have raised the level of academic advising across MSU. Donnelly chairs MSU’s Academic Advising Council, which brings together advisers from across campus and builds partnerships that ensure all advisers are fully informed about MSU’s academics. She encourages and provides ongoing professional development and support for advisers and staff, many of whom are women. As MSU’s resident advising expert, Donnelly has inspired scores of other advisers. She is the first colleague sought out when advisers seek counsel regarding their own paths.

Diane Donnelly blends the perfect human touch of empathy with an innate ability to recognize each individual’s strengths, interests and potential. She embodies what it means to be a Bobcat and helps us "be better together".

Diane Donnelly

Photo: MSU Communications