An active undergraduate student, Kerry Hanson joined the admissions staff post-graduation as Montana State University’s first out-of-state focused representative from 1993-1999 when enrollment slowly started to increase.  She served on the Alumni Association board of directors with the voice of a young alumna. Her career path then kept her on campus in the alumni engagement arena, holding the professional positions focusing on membership, events and became associate director. She helped pitch the campus move-in day idea to then-President Malone, finally implemented by President Gamble. She has advised the AOII sorority on campus for nearly 25 years and has received accolades including the Outstanding Organization Advisor and the MSU/Chamber of Commerce Community Excellence Award.  She was instrumental in the transition to merge the university’s alumni functions with the foundation while becoming director of alumni, then vice president of alumni engagement.  Hanson is a graduate of Leadership Montana and has worked to make MSU and Montana better, like the greats Jaynee Groseth and Sonny Holland.  She is the keeper and sharer of many of the MSU traditions on campus and is committed to carrying the torch that is the “spirit” of MSU for our oldest alumni, current students and newest graduates.

Kerry Hanson is an outstanding leader and role model for women of all ages and professions. She is always positive, outgoing, professional, organized and willing to go above and beyond to further the ideals and goals of MSU. Her loyalty to MSU shines.

Geraldine “Gerry” Fenn