Alison Harmon’s degrees are in biology, forestry and nutrition. That begins her interesting story.  She arrived at Montana State University in 2004 and her presence was immediately noticed. She developed the Towne’s Harvest Garden with students hungry to study the connections between soil, food and human health. She reached across disciplines to create the sustainable food and bioenergy systems undergraduate and graduate programs and initiated the development of the first dietetic internship in Montana.  More recently, Harmon assisted in launching the new hospitality management program. As dean of the College of Education, Health and Human Development, she continues to open doors to people of all abilities by leading and giving structure to the new LIFE Scholars program, providing college-wide support to The Compassion Project and leading the college in a collaborative, inclusive and visionary way that is informed by current pedagogy, research and practice. Harmon draws students from Montana and around the U.S. to contribute to Montana’s natural resources conservation, health care needs, educational excellence and tourism economy – furthering MSU’s 1862 land-grant mission with 21st century solutions. Harmon’s warm, compassionate and truly human demeanor complements her ability to envision transformational change and courage to make it happen.

Alison Harmon is a kind, calm, fair and enduring champion of opportunity for women.

Alison Harmon