Kristen Intemann is the first woman ever promoted to full professor in philosophy at Montana State University. She is a dedicated advocate and scholar of feminist values and is the longest serving chair of the women and gender and sexuality studies minor, serving for seven years. Under her tenure, the team has worked hard to make the women's studies minor more inclusive, adding courses to reflect intersectionality and changing the name of the program to "Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies."  The minor has seen an increase in numbers of students – from 15 in 2011 to 42 in 2017. Intemann also helped secure a doubling of the budget, which had been the same since 1991, so that they could offer more classes. It is also of note that she was a key organizer of the Associated Faculty of Montana State University, serving on the original organizing and bargaining team. Although the union was short-lived, her commitment to improving MSU to be a better working and learning campus is evident. Intemann’s research and teaching interests focus on feminist theory, particularly in relation to science and philosophy of science. She has published on issues related to objectivity, bias and diversity in science. 

Kristen Intemann’s dedication as the longest serving chair of the women’s, gender and sexuality studies minor has led to substantial and lasting changes to the minor with an eye toward paving the way for this field to become a major at MSU.

Kristen Intemann

Photo: MSU Communications