Bridget Kevane has spent more than 20 years at Montana State University in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL) and, more recently as associate dean for faculty affairs in the College of Letters and Science. She was the first woman elected as MLL department head and served in that capacity for six years. As department head, she mentored the junior faculty, promoting work-life balance, advocating for parental leave and was part of a group that started the first family leave ad hoc working group. She was instrumental in motivating MSU to adopt a stop-the-tenure clock policy for family care. Kevane has long been active in Gallatin County working to create better services for the Latino population. She is a regular Montana Humanities speaker on Latinos in Montana. In partnership with Community Health Partners, she received an INBRE and Montana Health Care Foundation grant to train and mentor Latina women in Gallatin County as health advocates for their families and community. The project was so successful that Gallatin County Health adopted the program, and Kevane now serves on the avisory board. In short, she is an example of a wonderful leader who has served both MSU and the state exceptionally well.

Bridget Kevane is an advocate for Latina women, training and mentoring them as health advocates for their families.

Bridget Kevane

Photo: MSU Communications