Carmen McSpadden is director of Montana State University’s Leadership Institute. The institute is an MSU entity that reports directly to the Office of the Provost. Created in 1997 by ASMSU, the Leadership Institute’s objective is to work on a system-wide basis, providing, coordinating, planning and organizing leadership development opportunities for students. These opportunities are designed to enhance and provide essential career and life skills. Pivotal to MSU’s leadership development programming, McSpadden brings strategy and vision into being in ways that ideally help minimize university gender bias and institutional barriers. Through her work, McSpadden has cultivated the personal leadership of thousands of MSU students, faculty and staff, and the impact of her work will be long reaching. Not only can her impressive influence be seen in the numerous Bobcats who walk away from MSU inspired by a Leadership Institute event they have attended, but McSpadden also strives to guide young leaders with her mentorship and care. She herself is a fine role model for public service as she has served as president of her local school board, the Montana School Boards Association, Headwaters Economics and the Gallatin County Open Lands Board in addition to other volunteer positions.

Those who know Carmen McSpadden have infinite respect for her ability to dream big, stay grounded, galvanize teams and encourage others - especially women - to step into critical leadership roles.

Carmen McSpadden