Gladys Hartley Roehm, professor emeritus, served Montana State University from 1949 to 1967 as professor of foods and nutrition in the home economics department. The results of World War II made an impact on the overall strength of the department, as topics of nutrition and child development were of great importance. By June 1945, half the graduating seniors were home economics majors, thus faculty members played an important role in the lives of students. Roehm was beloved by her students due to her quick wit, excellent teaching, fairness in grading and overall enthusiasm about nutrition. She did extensive research on food and nutrition, presenting results to global assemblies and conferences. The national hot lunch program became popular, and in 1951, Roehm established and supervised the program, through MSU, for the state of Montana.  She was committed to all aspects of the campus and personally organized a charity ball to raise funds for the new Museum of the Rockies.  Roehm – teacher, researcher and program developer – made significant contributions to MSU during her tenure.

Gladys Roehm was the kind of instructor who inspired her students to talk excitedly about nutrition around the dining tables in Hapner Hall during meal time, as well as in the classroom.

Gladys Hartley Roehm

MSU Historic Photo Collection: parc-001953