Anna M. Shannon was dean of the Montana State University College of Nursing from 1975-1990. As administrator and educator, she had a significant impact on innumerable nurses, predominately women, and on the profession of nursing. Under her leadership, the college expanded in quality, size, scope and geographic access for students.  She developed the faculty by recruiting and retaining faculty with strong educational and experiential preparation and initiating faculty governance.  She inspired faculty to engage in scholarship and also incentivized them to pursue doctoral education to advance their scholarship as well as their academic careers.  In collaboration with her counterpart at Carroll College, she developed a consortium of nursing schools in Montana. Shannon was a quintessential mentor. In 1992, in recognition of her unselfish efforts to support and promote the professional growth of other nurses in the West, the Western Institute of Nursing established the Anna M. Shannon Mentorship Award given annually in her honor.  Numerous faculty beneficiaries of her support and wise counsel have developed as leaders in their own right and continue her rich tradition of mentorship on behalf of other future nurse leaders. Her impact on women at MSU and beyond is indisputably extraordinary.

Anna M. Shannon has had a profound and lasting positive influence on women’s lives and careers.

Anna M. Shannon

MSU Historic Photo Collection: parc-001983