Heidi Sherick received her bachelor’s degree from Montana State University in biology and broad field science teaching in 1991 and a master's degree in higher education administration in 2002.  Sherick worked at MSU for 11 years, and her passion was making engineering more accessible to women and underrepresented populations. She was instrumental in raising the profile and impact of the Engineering Minority Program (EMPower) for those pursuing degrees in the College of Engineering. Guided by her leadership, efforts increased in STEM outreach (K-12), available scholarship dollars and on-going support and professional development programs for women in the college. This work is reflected by the increase in women pursuing engineering degrees at MSU during her tenure -- a pattern which continues today. During her tenure, she created several programs that are still thriving, such as the Women in Engineering Dinner, Statewide FIRST Robotics tournaments and the Women in Engineering Advisory Council. She fought for space in the engineering complex for the EMPower Student Center, which offers a physical presence for these diversity initiatives.  Sherick also led the team that garnered over $2.6 million for programs to support and encourage more females and Native Americans to enter engineering, engineering technology and computer science fields. 

Heidi Sherick

Heidi Sherick’s greatest impact is reflected in conversations with any of the young women who worked with her. They can attest to what her guidance, council and leadership provided them during their pursuit of engineering degrees. Heidi’s positive influence on women in engineering will be felt for years to come.