Alanna Sherstad has led Montana State University’s VOICE Center for the past eight years. Though she began during a challenging time, she successfully overcame all obstacles with dedication, determination, common sense and by forming strong partnerships to get the VOICE Center thriving. Sherstad’s position has to be one of the most challenging jobs on campus. She must offer advocacy for victims, train an enormous group of volunteers in addition to a sizable staff, navigate the politics around sexual violence, offer hundreds of presentations on campus and in the community, raise awareness around the issue of sexual violence and the VOICE Center's services, be responsible for a 24-hour hotline and provide ongoing support to victims. She works tirelessly to make sure that her office is visible, that her staff is well trained and professional and to make sure that sexual assault and domestic violence survivors are heard, cared for and referred to the right places. Sherstad has inspired change and encouraged sexual and interpersonal violence to be taken seriously, with a focus on social justice, equity and care. She serves as a foundation from which so many women have propelled themselves into service and leadership at MSU and the world beyond.

Through her silent yet powerful service, Alanna Sherstad has undoubtedly shifted the direction of university history by building an environment where women elevate one another.”

Alanna Sherstad