Cecilia Vaniman was a woman who chose to enter the field of architecture when it was primarily a male-dominated profession. As a Montana State University graduate of the School of Architecture, she was the first woman to work as MSU’s campus architect (1990–1994), and the first woman campus planner and director of facilities planning (1994-2006). In these capacities, she was directly responsible for managing the planning, design and construction of many significant campus projects including the historical restoration of the Montana Hall cupola and carillon; building Centennial Mall; EPS/Barnard, Plant Bioscience, Chemistry/Biochemistry and Animal Bioscience buildings; Gaines Hall and Cooley Lab renovations; three Student Union renovations; Madison, Jefferson, and McIntosh residence facilities; and two major renovations of the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse. She also collaborated with the MSU School of Architecture for professional women's activities. Reflecting her dedication and passion for MSU, Vaniman created and donated her own artwork to reflect the scientific work conducted in the NIH-funded labs in Cooley Hall.

Cecilia Vaniman was an innovative problem-solver, champion for artwork and historic preservation and always a supporter of women's issues.

Cecilia Vaniman