Jovanka Voyich-Kane grew up in Livingston and graduated from Montana State University with a bachelor’s degree and Ph.D.  She came back to MSU after a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Institutes of Health and has had an incredible impact on the educational and research mission of the university.  Voyich-Kane has taught the infectious disease course for the Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI) medical school program for over a decade and in the undergraduate curriculum in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. Students in this challenging course comment that she makes a difficult subject interesting and easier to understand. She leads an internationally recognized research program focused on the study of "super bugs” and human immunity. In 2017, she received the Cox Faculty Award for Creative Scholarship and Teaching for merging research with teaching, giving her students hands-on experience in modern scientific research so they will be more competitive in the job market. She is also an outstanding mentor, having mentored over 80 undergraduate and graduate students, many being women. 

Jovanka Voyich-Kane has truly been inspiring and an outstanding role model.

Jovanka Voyich-Kane