Marilyn Wessel was a Montana State University student and inspiring employee who worked in a variety of prominent roles.  She was a founding member of the women’s political caucus, participating in the fight to ratify the federal equal rights amendment and worked for the legislative implementation of the Montana Constitution’s equal rights provision. Shortly after receiving her master’s degree in public administration in the 1980s, she began working at MSU to establish MSU as the inaugural home for Montana’s public television station. She later assisted President Bill Tietz with communications and public relations and eventually became the official state lobbyist for the university. She was a trailblazer for professional women as she often held positions on boards and in her day-to-day work that were never held by women before. With her legendary communication skills, she propelled the university to top-of-mind awareness around the state and country. Her last position at MSU was dean of the Museum of the Rockies, and she led that organization to national prominence.  In 2014, Wessel participated in the panel titled “The Power of Women for Positive Political Action.” She was a role model to students and employees alike.

Marilyn Wessel continually pushed the Sisyphean rock of gender equality up the hills to Montana Hall and the state capital.

Marilyn Wessel