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Transporting Gear on the Dry Valley Lakes

Justin Lawrence carries sampling gear on Lake Miers, 2013-2014 season (photo by A. Chiuchiolo)Justin Lawrence pulls a sled of sampling gear across Lake Hoare, 2013-2014 season (photo by A. Chiuchiolo)Brianna Arnold and Delisa Rogers pull sampling gear on Lake Fryxell, 2004Pulling drilling gear to the sampling site on Lake Bonney, 2004Joel Moore pulls sampling gear out to the Weatherhaven on Lake Hoare, 2004

Drilling inside the Weatherhaven for sampling with the Niskin bottle

Drilling a sampling hole in the Weatherhaven, 2004Removing drill flights while drilling in the Weatherhaven

Drilling outside for PPR incubations and profiling instruments

Kathi Hell and Tyler Bridges drill a hole on Lake Fryxell, 2012Tyler Bridges and David Velazques hold the drill used to puncture the Lake Fryxell ice cover, 2012The 2011 Limno Team with a 10-inch drill on Lake Hoare, 2012John Priscu with the 4 inch drill on Lake Fryxell, 2004John Priscu, Joel Moore and Delisa Rogers drill a sampling hole on Lake Fryxell, 2004The Limno team works to free a frozen drill bit, 2003Jill Mikucki and Craig Wolf drill a sampling hole on Lake Vanda, 2002The drilling team with seven drill flights on Lake Fryxell, 2000

Sample Collection

Hans-Peter Grossart uses an Aqua-Vu underwater camera to  view the bottom of the ice cover on Lake Hoare, 2012Sampling at Lake Miers during a day trip, 2010The Niskin bottle comes up with a sample Lake Miers during a day trip, 2010Sampling at Lake Miers during a day trip, 2010Tristy Vick collects water from the Niskin Bottle during a day trip to Lake Miers, 2008Amy Chiuchiolo and Delisa Rogers with sample bottles to be filled, 2004The Niskin bottle coming up with a sample, 2004Joel Moore collects a lake water sample from the Niskin bottle, 2004The Limno Team in the Weatherhaven, 2002Sampling at Lake Vanda during a day trip, 2001Craig Wolf and Aaron Hall pull up the Niskin bottle with a lake water sample, 2000Christine Foreman, Birgit Sattler and Craig Wolf collect samples from the Niskin bottle, 2000Craig Wolf gets ready to deploy PPR incubationsWarwick Vincent and John Priscu use a Sipre corer on lake ice, 1984-1985 season.Warwick Vincent and Geoff Spearpoint sample at Lake Fryxell, 1984-1985 season.John Priscu filters water for 15N experiments at Lake Vanda, 1984-1985 season.

Miscellaneous Field Projects

Sawing an ice pit in Lake BonneyDown in the ice pit!