Welcome to the REACH lab! Our lab investigates health and health disparities from a cultural perspective. Health disparities are inequities in health behaviors, rates of illness, disease processes, and health outcomes affecting certain groups of people such as racial/ethnic minorities, women, LGBTQ populations, and people who live in rural areas. We examine social determinants of health with a focus on mental health and addictive behaviors.

We examine addictive behaviors from a biopsychosocial perspective, meaning that body, mind, and social/cultural factors are connected and interact to influence behavior. This model aligns well with the American Indian medicine wheel. The ultimate goal of this research is to discover culturally appropriate ways to restore balance in body, mind, emotions, and spirit to prevent harm and improve wellness.

medicine wheel

Photo source: http://www.thesilentcanoe.com/anishinaabe-medicine-wheel.html

Lab members:

Alyssa Sferrazza: alyssasferrazza@gmail.com 
Chazlyn Miller: chazlynm@hotmail.com

Volunteers and Participants:

Interested in volunteering in the REACH lab or in being a research participant? Contact Dr. Skewes at monica.skewes@montana.edu or at 406-994-3814.