Enabling the Production and Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality Media

The Montana Reality Lab (MRL) is a technology lab designed to enable the development and consumption of virtual and augmented reality content. Located in Cheever 228, it offers 6 VR workstations, associated technology and expert support. The MRL can be reserved for classes, lab sections, student academic use, research use, and extracurricular student groups


The lab can be used for immersive 360-degree video capture and editing, 3D and VR modeling and simulation, 3D data capture, VR media playback, and more. This lab is designed to be flexible and to accommodate new augmented and virtual reality technology over time. 


Each workstation features a powerful PC, wide-format display, high quality audio DAC, headphones, and an Oculus Rift S VR headset. In addition to the workstations, the lab has spherical video and 3D depth image and data capture devices. The MRL is supported by a group of experts in diverse fields who are always happy to facilitate cross-discipline collaboration.