Innovation and Regulation

The Innovation and Regulation conference has been postponed as Montana State University responds to coronavirus concerns. 

A conference sponsored by the Montana State University Initiative for Regulation and Applied Economic Analysis
designed to bring together experts, policymakers and the general public interested in science and technological innovation and the questions around how to regulate innovation in such a rapidly changing world.
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Innovation and Regulation

Understanding the impacts of technological innovation and regulation and their effects on research and development, economic growth, and the environment


Technological innovations are transforming today’s regulatory framework, creating new challenges for policymakers and regulators who strive to maintain a balance between fostering innovation and protecting consumers while addressing the ethical, economic and environmental issues associated with such rapid change.

This day-long, public conference will bring together nationally-recognized scholars, policymakers and leaders from the private sector to examine technological innovation and regulation and their impacts on four areas of importance to Montana—healthcare; mining; agriculture and food production; and the use of big data.

The general public and MSU community are encouraged to attend and be a part of this important discussion about the future of Montana.

Conference Sessions

Session 1: Saving Lives: Regulation, Innovation, and Controlling Medical Implant Infections


Session 2: Mining in Montana: Regulation, Economic Opportunity, and the Environment


Lunch Speaker: Ben Thomas, Director, Montana Department of Agriculture  "Whither Hemp in Montana: A Regulation Challenge"

Session 3: Can We Feed the Future: Regulating New Gene-based Agricultural Technology


Session 4:World of Big Data: Access, Ownership and Use


Wrap-up Panel and Discussion




For more information: Co-Directors Vince Smith [email protected] and Wendy Stock [email protected]