This page is designed as a resource center for the content management system Courseleaf. Courseleaf Catalog (CAT) and Courseleaf Curriculum (CiM) are two aspects of the overall system that work together to provide an integrated experience from creation to publication of academic programs and courses. Please refer to the resources below to gain a better understanding of the system.


  • Jan 1st:  New program/course proposals are due in CIM. 
  • Feb 15th: Current program/course edits in CIM for the 2021-2022 Catalog  are due
  • March 1st: CAT (Catalog) pages are due for the 2021-2022 Catalog. 


Catalog (CAT):

Catalog editing can be used to edit all catalog content except courses and programs-of-study grids (which are modified through CiM – see below).  Editing the catalog is as simple as logging in to the Next Catalog and clicking the various pencil icons available on the programs (provided the user is on record with owner access to that page). If users have the permissions to make changes to a catalog entry, the user will be able to click the "Edit Catalog" button at the top left to begin the process. Once the button is clicked, several options are given. Generally, changes for the “next catalog” are not “submitted” until February since once the page is submitted it is locked to the author for future editing.

Editors can also access CiM forms for programs-of-study and courses through CAT.  This allows editors to see the context of changes before entering them in CiM.  By clicking on the portion of the catalog to be edited the user will automatically be directed to CiM when appropriate.

CAT can be accessed in one of three ways:

  1. Next Catalog - The catalog to be changed for the upcoming catalog year.
  2. Edit Catalog - The version of the current catalog that can be edited when absolutely necessary via off-line requests to the Office of the Registrar, subject to approval by the Office of the Provost.
  3. Catalog - The regular view of the catalog that most people see.

Courseleaf Curriculum (CiM):

CiM is connected to the catalog management software, CourseLeaf, so that course and program changes are automatically reflected in the next MSU catalog, both online and print versions. CiM is similar to CAT in that editing capabilities are distributed across campus. CiM is different in that changes made through CiM follow a more extensive workflow which parallels the notifications and approvals associated with academic governance. 

Program Management

To edit or add an academic program, users need to be access the Program Management features of CiM. From here, users can search the programs for editing or submit a new academic program.

Users may also access CiM through the catalog.  Simply click the "Edit Program" button within CAT to access the form that contains all of the information about the program, as well as the table to create the semester layout.

Course Management

Users wishing to add or edit a course need to access the Course Inventory Management feature within CiM.

In the Course Management interface, users have the same options that are available through Program Management. Users can search for a course or propose a new course. Editing courses is as simple as filling out a form and submitting to workflow.

Additional Resources

Recorded Webinar -

  • The first video goes over the Program Management features of CiM.
  • The second video goes over the Course Management features of CiM.