Updated: August, 2023


Our goal is to make CIM available to all faculty so that any faculty member can propose a new course. If you find that CIM does not allow access using your MSU NetID, Keely Holmes in the Provost's Office, [email protected], can help with access issues in CIM. 

If you need training on the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system, please reach out to Keely Holmes, [email protected].

If you need training on the Catalog (CAT) system, please reach out to Jessica Thiele, [email protected]


If you want to edit informatin on a catalog page, please go to your catalog page and edit from there. 


Course and Program Submission Deadlines

Submission Deadlines

Course and program submission deadlines.

Explainations of minor changes, vs. major changes. 

Accessing the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) System

Accessing CIM System

How to access the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system.

How to gain access to the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system.

Proposing a New Course in the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) System


How to propose a new course using CIM

Workflow flowchart for course proposals
Developing learning outcomes
Sample syllabus
Credit hour policy
Co-convened course policy

Proposing a New Special Topics Course

Special Topics

Special Topics courses use an X91 numering scheme (291, 491, 591) and are used for experimental courses. You can teach these courses for two semesters and then must do a new CIM proposal for a hard numbered course. 

It is important that you follow these directions when proposing a new special topics course.

Changing an Existing Course Using CIM

Put Image Description Here

Changes for the foreseeable future, made to the course listing in the MSU catalog (this uses CIM)

Changes to the current course listings in the Schedule of Classes (this DOES NOT use CIM). Please complete a Schedule Section Change Form through DocuSign. 

Proposing a New Program Using CIM

Program Proposal

Proposers of new programs need to make sure that their idea appears on the Internal MSU Academic Plan. Then, a Request to Plan is submitted to announce the proposed new program to the entire MUS system. This allows the leaders of the other campuses to raise concerns long before the proposal goes to the Board of Regents.

Mapping Program Learning Outcomes to Course Learning Outcomes


If proposing a new program you will be asked to map your Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) to your Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs). You may also be asked to do this if editing an existing program.

Changing an Existing Program Using CIM

Changing a Program

If a department’s faculty decides to update a program, a proposal describing the updated curriculum is prepared using CIM.

Approving a New Course or Program Using CIM


What to do when you receivie a notification that there is a course waiting for your approval.

FYI Notifications

Review Only

When you should expect to receive an FYI notification from the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system.

Course Development Resources

Workflow Flowcharts


CIM workflow flowcharts for course proposals, program proposals and the full program development process.

Course development resource documents.



For questions or access, please contact:

Keely Holmes

[email protected]