To become a student at Montana State University, please contact Admissions.  To pursue a graduate degree at MSU, please contact the Graduate School

MSU offers a multitude of undergraduate programs and graduate programs

Deadlines for registration, paying your bill and other student activities at MSU can be found on the MSU Calendar.  Calendar filters located on the left navigation area will help you find the appropriate dates.

DegreeWorks will help you determine what courses you need to take to complete your degree program or provide you with alternative scenarios if you are considering changing your major.

Student Resources

MSU's Office of Student Success has many resources to help you connect on campus, find a tutor to help you get through that math or literature course, or discover your life's passion.  Check them out!

MSU has academic expectations for all students.

Students receive the Conduct Code upon arrival at MSU.  The Code explains how “IT” works at MSU – from instructors responsibilities related to grading to the definition of academic misconduct.  Refer to the Code so you know your rights and responsibilities while a member of the MSU community.

View the list of student resources on campus.


See our Complaints page.

Transcript & Other Forms

To get a transcript of your courses and grades, contact the Registrar's Office

The following Student Forms and many others that you may need while studying here at MSU can be found on the Registrar's Office website.

  • Add/Drop
  • Baccalaureate Degree Application
  • Curriculum Changes
  • Enrollment or Degree Verification Request
  • I Grade Form
  • Intent to Register