RAW is a multistate Western Region research and extension project led by Montana State University and University of California Davis to address the emerging problem of pyrethroid-resistant alfalfa weevils. The project is funded by the USDA NIFA Alfalfa Seed and Alfalfa Forage Systems Program beginning September 2019 and ending August 2021.

Insecticides with pyrethroid active ingredients (trade names include Warrior®, Mustang® Maxx, Baythroid® and many others) form the backbone of alfalfa weevil pest managementbecause of their low cost and efficacy. Failure of these insecticides to control alfalfa weevil because of resistance to the pyrethroid active ingredient has now been documented in several Western Region locations with preliminary data. RAW's goal is to mitigate the economic damage that resistant insects can have to a crop industry by providing regional management recommendations and Extension based on scientific research.

Specific objectives of RAW include: Quantifying the degree of pyrethroid resistance in areas where is already exists; mapping the geographic spread of resistance in the Western Region; Gain a better understanding of risk factors that predict pyrethroid resistance in alfalfa weevils; and deliver resistance management recommendations through multistate Extension.

In order to start quantifying the degree of pyrethroid resistance, RAW grant funds will supply a free insecticide kit for interested alfalfa producers. Sign-up for insecticide kit and RAW project updates here.