• Doctor of Philosophy. 1995. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Entomology. Minor in Agronomy.
  • Master of Science. 1991. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Entomology.
  • Bachelor of Science. 1987. Iowa State University. Entomology and Pest Management.

Professional Work Experience

  • Professor

    (2011 – present). Agricultural and Biological Risk Assessment. Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences. Montana State University.
  • Associate Professor

    (2002 – present). Agricultural and Biological Risk Assessment.  Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences.  Montana State University. 
  • Research Biologist

    (1995 – 2001). Dow AgroSciences, Omaha, NE and Indianapolis, IN. Field Development Scientist (1995-1997), Risk Assessment Leader (1997-1999), Regulatory Manager (1999-2001).
  • Adjunct Associate Professor

    (1996 – present). Department of Entomology. University of Nebraska.  Assistant Professor, 1996; Associate Professor, 2000.
  • Graduate Research Assistant

    (1992 – 1995). Department of Entomology. Insect Ecology and Plant Ecophysiology Research Project. University of Nebraska.  Project Leader:  Dr. Leon G. Higley.
  • Graduate Research Assistant

    (1989 – 1991). Department of Entomology. Forage Insects Research Project. University of Nebraska. Project Leader:  Dr. Stephen D. Danielson.
  • Extension and Research Assistant

    (1988 – 1989). Department of Botany and Plant Pathology  Oregon State University Extension Service. Project Leader:  Dr. Jay W. Pscheidt.
  • Laboratory and Field Research Technician

    (1985 – 1988). Department of Entomology. Integrated Pest Management Project. Iowa State University. Project Leader:  Dr. Larry P. Pedigo.

Publications and Software

  • Publications:

    112 refereed publications
  • Books:

    1 book and 13 book chapters 

Journal Publications

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