Current Research

  • "The Choice Among Sales Procedures: Auction vs. Negotiated Sales of Private Timber,” with Keith Leffler and Ian Munn.
  • "The Internalization of Reciprocal Benefits: An Analysis of Honeybee Pollination Markets,” with Walter N. Thurman and Michael Burgett.
  • "Per Pound or Not Per Pound? The Role of Transaction Costs in Fresh Produce Pricing,” with Keith B. Leffler and Peter Malishka.
  • “Endogenous Policy Dynamics, the Visibility of Rents, and Changes in the Transferability of Production Rights: The Case of Flue-Cured Tobacco."
  • "Indian and Non-Indian Salmon Fisheries: The Economic Effects of U.S. v. Washington," with Peter H. Nickerson.
  • "Determinants of Seller Choice Between Auction and Negotiation: An Empirical Application to Cattle Markets,” with Kole Swanser.
  • "An Economic Analysis of the Enactment of Anti-Price Gouging Laws,” with Cale Davis.