Building a Mobile High Tunnel

In the fall of 2014, students and staff constructed three 30' by 48' mobile high tunnels on the SERP plots at the MSU Horticulture Farm. The high tunnels feature a single-layer covering of greenhouse polyethylene plastic film, roll up side walls and woven plastic ‘fabric’ end walls with zipper closures. They are constructed on wheels and pipe track so that they can be moved between adjacent plots as needed.

High tunnels like these mobile tunnels can affect interior growing conditions, such as air and soil temperature and light intensity. For more information, see the research below:

High Tunnels and Row Cover

Season, sowing date, and row cover influences in moveable high tunnels

For more information on mobile high tunnels and season extension, contact David Baumbauer at (406) 994-2231 or [email protected]

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Supplies for building the high tunnel are being unpacked and checked in the barnAn empty plot of land where the high tunnel will be assembledA worker assembling hoops for the high tunnelWorkers preparing to lay out pipe track to support the high tunnelWorkers assembling the first two arches of the high tunnelWorkers assembling the arches of the high tunnelThe partially-constructed high tunnelThe completed frame of the high tunnelWorkers preparing to pull polyethylene plastic film over the high tunnel framePlastic film being pulled over the completed high tunnel frameWorkers on ladders attaching the plastic film to the high tunnel frameAn interior view of the completed high tunnelInterior view of the high tunnel, where the ground has now been tilled in preparation for plantingWorkers spreading compost over the ground inside the high tunnelA worker using a rototiller to incorporate the compost into the soilWorkers planting seeds inside the high tunnel using a wooden frame to determine spacing

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