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 Lease versus Purchase

Looks at three economic considerations for accomplishing a particular task, outright purchase, straight lease, or a lease with an option to buy, and renting.  The net present value of these options are compared to determine the lowest cost option. 

 Machinery Cost Custom Rates Breakeven Analysis (Revised April 2011) 

Calculates the cost of owning and operating machinery for one powered  piece of equipment and up to two pulled implements.  It also calculates the break-even acreage a producer must have in order to own a piece of machinery and the custom rate a producer would charge if he were to use a piece of machinery to custom farm for someone else. 

 Single Machine Cost Estimate

Calculates the cost to own and operate 1 piece of machinery.  Can be any pulled implement or powered equipment.  


Calculates the number of hours of use for individual trucks given the way they are used on a particular operation.