Current Graduate Students:

Mary Farina, PhD Student - methane flux in arctic and boreal ecosystems, remote sensing

David Wood, PhD Student - rangeland phenology monitoring, remote sensing

Zach Fighter, MS Student - invasive species control and mapping 

Ricardo Pinto, PhD Student - remote sensing, entomology


Former Graduate Students:

Rachel Ulrich, MS 2020 (co-advised with Mark Greenwood in Mathematical Sciences)

Professional Paper: Satellite image segmentation for rural land use detection


Emery Three Irons, MS 2019

Thesis: An Investigation of Coliform Contamination in Private Well Water on the Crow Reservation, Montana


Gabe Bellante, MS 2011

Thesis: Hyperspectral remote sensing as a monitoring tool for geologic carbon sequestration

Publications: PLoS ONE 2014; International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 2013


Michael Oldham, MS Student - remote sensing, UAS, riparian forest structure and composition


Former Research Assistants:

Hailey Webb, Research Assistant 

Nathan Barnes, Research Assistant

Paul Bodalski, Research Assistant

Aaron Wipf, Research Assistant

Logan Jackson, Research Assistant

Taylor Fragomeni, Research Assistant

Alex Milton, Research Assistant

Tanner Tompkins, Research Assistant