Important: All downloaded PDF forms must be opened in Adobe Acrobat and NOT in your browser.

Certificate of Insurance Requests

This form should be used to to request a Certificate of Request for Events, Activities, and Property on the MSU campus.

Confined Space Entry Permit

This form is required for Permit Required Confined Space Entries.

E-Scrap Pick-up

This form should be used to request a pick-up of electronic waste. This typically includes TVs, Monitors, Laptops, Plasmas, LCDs, Printers, Faxes, Cell Phones, Key Boards, Mice, Stereo Equipment, Network Equipment, Servers, Telecom Equipment, DVD Players, Copy Machines, All Business/Office Electronics, Batteries, Microwaves, Projectors, etc.

Fire Extinguisher Replacement, Recharge, or Service Request

This form should be used when reporting a fire extinguisher needing replacement, recharge, or service.

First Report of Injury

This form should be used to make the initial report of a Workers' Compensation claim for employees injured on the job.

MSU Compliance Hotline

Confidentially - report any issues pertaining to financial, athletics, discrimination, harassment, health/safety, human resources, IT, or Research.

Report of Incident   (Tips on Filling Out This Form)

This form should be used to report an incident regarding MSU property, or personal injury of Non-MSU employees.

Safety Concern Form

This form should be used to report a safety concern you see on campus.  Completing this document triggers a Safety & Risk Management (SRM) personel response.

UAV/Drone Insurance Reporting

This form should be used for mandatory reporting of MSU-owned UAV/drones.  Reported UAV/drones will be covered for liability; optional physical damage coverage may also be requested.

Waste Pick-up

This form should be used to request a pick-up of Radioactive, Chemical, Biohazard, Sharps Container, and Battery waste. Please also use this form to request replacement containers for Chemical waste and Biohazard/Sharps Containers.

Winter Traction Aids

This form should be used to request a free pair of slip-on winter traction aids.  Employees and student employees are eligible for a free pair every three years. 

Work Comp Time Tracking

This form should be used to track the first 32 hours of time away from work due to an injury or illness and time going forward while still covered under Worker's Compensation performing no or light duty work.